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The Raising Respect app can help you find a way to communicate more effectively with your teens.


Don't know where to start with your teen and their relationship?

It can be difficult to know what your teen is experiencing in their relationships. We see their moods change rapidly and their behaviors swing wildly. As parents, how do we talk to our teens about sensitive topics, like physical violence or sexual abuse?

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence has provided a resource for parents called Raising Respect. It's an app that empowers parents with information on how to approach such sensitive topics with their teens. Topics include:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Mindful Parenting
  • Sex and Pregnancy
  • Drugs, Alcohol, and Relationships
  • Relationships in Media
  • Gender and Sexual Orientation
  • Communication
  • Social Media and Cellphones
  • Self-care for Parents
  • Self-care for Adolescents

The App

In addition to the curated articles written by experts in child and adolescent mental health, other features include:


Talking Tips

Learn tips on how to approach a conversation with your teen on sensitive topics.


Ask Questions

We're here to help. You can send questions to staff at the Pennsylvania Center Against Domestic Violence and get notified when they responds.


Take Notes

You can record your thoughts, impressions, reactions, successes, and failures within the app.



Provide your insights on the published articles to help us better tailor the articles.


Get Notified

Turn on app notifications for any number of topics and get notified when a new article is published.

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